Interval Initiate

  • ❤️ by 218 Bach-ers. 

    Form the strongest team of Initiates over 3 rounds to collect the most Intervals! A fast-paced, exciting and strategic game featuring music intervals and all your favorite composers in fantasy roles! Pick Initiates like Rogue-maninoff, Bach-barian, Debussniper and more!

    Players take turns to play Note cards down and the first player to SLAP any Interval Card that matches the Intervals between the Note cards gets to claim it! 

    If you're unsure about the Interval, you can always refer to the colorful Intervals Wheel to double-check!

    Recruit a new Hero after every round with special abilities so that come-bachs are frequently orchestrated and victory is never assured till the very last SLAP!

    [Johann Se-BASH-tian Bach the Bach-barian is looking at you with a menacing expression!]

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Customer Reviews

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Alejandra Flores
Great game!

I loved the game. It is made of high quality material, and it is fun to play.
We had some trouble to understand the gameplay, but we gradually picked it up. We played the easy version, and we will eventually learn to play the full version.
I would have liked to get more than one wheel (can I bought more separately?). None of us really know how to make the intervals and we all wanted to use the wheel… also, it would have been better if the interval cards colors matched with the ones in the wheel.

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