Lord of the Chords: The Complete Edition

Transform monotone music theory lessons into dynamic educational experiences accented with major laughs, minor learning and an augmented love for music theory!


  • Major geeky fun with friends - For 2-4 players; Ages 10+; 30-60 minute playing time; 433+ hours of replayability
  • Get started with no treble at all - Easy to learn rulebook with instructive diagrams, including rules for easier game variants so beginners don't have to fret!
  • Trusted by musicians and board gamers - Struck a major chord at USD$ 232,323 raised on Kickstarter with over 4000 customers worldwide.

Don't take our word for it, hear from our customers! Here's music teacher and experimental composer, Jason Hodge! (More reviews below the FAQ section)

Learn hours of music theory in minuets - with puns and lots of fun!

Quick Game Overview:

  1. Players take turns to draw 3 cards, then play 3 cards
  2. Play Note Cards to form Chords according to the active Key Signature tiles to claim them
  3. Play punny Action Cards like Chord Block, I'll Be Bach and Gimme' Debussy to steal, cheat, and force your way to pitch perfect victory!
  4. The first player to claim 3 Key Signature tiles is the Lord of the Chords!

What You Get:

  • Lord of the Chords Base Game, containing:
    • 60 Note Cards and 44 Action Cards (310gsm black core stock with linen finish), 20 Accidental Tokens (sharp on one side, flat on the other),12 Key Signature Tiles (major key on one side, relative minor on the other), 16 Tonality Indicator Guitar Picks, 13 Instrument Tiles, 1 Cloth Bag, 52-Page Full-Colour Rulebook
  • "Who Let the Chords Out" Expansion containing:
    • "What chord is that?" Advanced Chords Extension Pack
    • "Satie-sfaction guaranteed" Extra Composer Puns Extension Pack
    • "I'm not off-Key, I modulated" Modulation Extension Pack
    • "Yes, I really need another guitar" Instrument Essentials Extension Pack
    • "You just can't escape them" Conductor Cards Extension Pack
      • For a total of 52 cards that add 9 symphonies worth of extra gameplay
  • Beautiful Piano Box travel case that fits the whole game - brighten up your music studio!


Do you have a music teacher's discount?

    • As a matter of fact, we do! Please email us at hello@lordofthechords.com with any documentation to prove it and we'll send you a massive 20% off discount code.

    • Without the good work that you do, we would never have created this game, nor would we have all this amazing music to listen to! Thank you for being a music teacher (:

Do you have to know music to play this game?

    • No. Beethoven was a deaf musician, you can Handel it!

Can kids play this game?

    • To fully enjoy this game, we recommend it for kids aged 9 and above, because kids aged 8 and below tend to have a hard time waiting to take turns.
    • However, in the rulebook, there are instructions for a game mode called "Allegro Mode" that doesn't require any turn taking. Kids aged 7+ can enjoy this fast-paced game mode!

Who was the coolest music celebrity we've met because of this game?

    • Meeting Igudesman and Joo, Jordan Rudess, Jacob Collier and Ray Chen was amazing, but the coolest of all had to be Marketa Dvorak. Yes, you heard me right! Dvorak, as in, Antonin Dvorak's great-great-granddaughter, Marketa Dvorak! She doesn't actually play music herself, but she told us stories of how Antonin would wake up at 3am every morning, write music at his desk (with no piano!) until his family woke up at 7am, then just enjoy the the rest of the day in nature of with family! Isn't that lovely?

Does the piano box make music?

    • No. It is a Beethoven Simulator.

What are the 4 H cards and 4 A#/B cards? Are they typos?

    • No. They are for German players. Please remove them from the game before you start. Germans refer to B as H, and Bb as B. It's B-zarre! Rumour has it that Bach would write his name as notes in some of his compositions - A# A C B (which spells B A C H in German notation)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Fantastic game that had us all banging our heads on the Beethoven Simulator...

...because we all had to PLAY BY EAR.

After receiving this game in the mail, I started making a LISZT of people that could HANDEL this game, and was CHOPIN it down to 2-3. It was tough dragging them out of their HAYDN grounds. (Ironically, I could C that it was filled with the music illiterate... but I was D-termined not to make it E-zy for them.)

When we first began, we started to question if we made a SOUND judgement. Teaching music theory while explaining the rules was a whole lot of TREBLE, and the frequent tea breaks for TCHAIKOVSKY caused a lot of FRETTING.

Soon, my friends got into the GROOVE of the game, moving the tokens around effortlessly, SHARPENING their skills and FLATTENING the competition. I was frequently CHORD BLOCKED and quickly put UNDER A REST. After a few rounds, I was completely crushed that my knowledge of music theory was unable to BACH me up. I was told that all my BASS are belong to them. I had utterly lost all my CLAUDE with this group of friends.

My friends agreed that this game was tough but enjoyable, and gets easier with multiple plays. They subsequently decided to end this game, and wondered if it was suited for MINORS. After all, there was just too much SAX AND VIOLINS. (Though seriously, this game is great for anyone, and is a fantastic teaching or revision tool!)

Best Christmas present

I bought it for myself as a Christmas present, and even though I knew what it was, I had a major surprise, I was so happy I couldn't Haydn it. And the piano box... I just love C 'ing it because It's so PRETTY! It looks like if I could actually play it <3 The quality of the cards and tokens is great. I'm still learning D dynamics of the game, but so far I really like it. Good job guys!

"A-Sharp" Game

We played 3 games so far, and we were happy to discover that this game wasn't too much TREBLE to learn. It was SONATA problem. Even though we are both music teachers and board games, we were afraid we wouldn't be able to HANDEL the full version at first, so we started with the easy variant, level 1. That level was too easy for us, we found it not very interesting, but it only lasted 9 MINUETS before I BEAT my opponent. Level 2 was a much better game, and then we tried the full game, which was the most intereSTRING and fun. As an elementary music teacher, I am glad they included "Allegro Mode," a short, fast-paced game that only lasts 3 minutes, perfect for A MINOR's attention span. I don't think we will get board with this game any time soon, as there are so many VARIATIONS and extra things to add in later. Overall, we think this is A SHARP game, an ESSENTIAL ELEMENT of your game collection.

Musical World in Card Game

I received the game as part of Kickstarter pledge rewards, and I must say, the game is just awesome. Not just the gameplay which is very interesting, but there is a lot of music theory applied to it, as well as the historical figures who are in the field of music. By playing this game, musicians will be able to refresh and learned about music theory, and the famous people in the music field, without looking into boring texts and articles. People who have no music background be able to play this game, as the concept is quite clear and easy to understand. The game rules has moderations for newbies, which is able to get the players to be more experienced as they played the game more and be able to Handel the fight to be Lord of the Chords. Players may free to google some of the music theory or famous musical people to learn more.

Musicians and non-musicians (which includes classical music listeners and history geek) can learn about the famous people in music, both through the puns on the cards, and the photos well-photoshoped to create the face of the cards.

I love how the assets of the games are designed - the cards, the retail box, the tokens, but highlights go to the piano box, as it is very well designed. The box serves two purposes, which is able to carry all the contents of the game and also to act as a portable version of a model piano keys consisting of 2 octaves. The accidental coins are also great, as they feel like casino chips. Love the feel of the cards, very smooth and slick.

Overall, it is a well-made card game to teach people, both musicians or not, about music. A must-have for people who are musicians (singers or instruments players), card game enthusiasts, and those who listens to music.

Best game ever!!!

Lord of the Chords is a wonderful game! It takes only few minutes to understand the rules and it can be played quite easily by any kind of player, also non-musician.
It’s pure fun to play it!

Great card game for musicians and card/board game fans

So, I have little music theory knowledge. Sure, I can play the drums fairly well but I never paid much attention in my high school music theory classes many years ago. So, for me this game was a little confusing and a bit slow for me to start with. The main gripe I had with this game was that the simple version of the game, 'Easy Variant For Beginners', was fairly deep into the manual (I wish it was mentioned much earlier so that I would start with that). But after a few plays, I have grasped it fairly well and turns out I might be learning a little bit of music theory on the side (even if I have to Google search some concepts along the way).
Once you know what is going on the game is very exciting and has a lot of nice touches like actual guitar picks used as 'Tonality Indicator' tokens and a plentiful of puns.
I would recommend this game to anyone who is a musician in some form, be it student, professional or just a hobby. I would also recommend it to card game/board game fans, even if they're not a musician. For anyone else, I probably wouldn't recommend this game, unless you've got someone else at the table who knows what's going on with it.
I was on the cusp of giving this only 4 stars because my philosophy is that (almost) nothing is perfect, however, when I think about it this game has nailed the concept of a music theory card game. So, 5 stars!

Great crossover of game design and music theory leading to father and son bonding experience!

We have just received our ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Distinction results and what better way to celebrate than playing Lord of the Chords!?!? It also serves as a revision before we take on Grade 6 lessons! I read the instructions on my own to get an idea of the game mechanics than play tested it with my 13 year old son, who was quick to understand the game and the strategy required to avoid getting the hard earned key signatures stolen away. He had a blast with all the puns as well! The materials are of excellent quality and I was able to quickly identify the required game rule when questions arose during gameplay, which helped keep the game immersion. As a tertiary level game design and music theory lecturer, I appreciate what the guys did in this game and commend them for their work. May it help students gain music literacy through play! I will surely try it out with my students!

Very fun music-language based strategy card game!

Had a great time learning this with some family on Christmas! Though knowledge of music terminology isn't required, it really helps. I suggest people check out their instruction videos for extra help. Love the box, too!

Teacher tested, family approved!

Bought this as part of the Kickstarter campaign and it has been one of my best purchases ever. I totally owned the competition because of my knowledge of seventh chords, but they all enjoyed it, learned something, and shared it with friends who want a copy.

Degrees in music are not required for playing, but they definitely help!

Excellent game! Very professional!

So much fun! Very excited to use this game as a teaching tool with my students :)

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