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Lord of the Chords: The Complete Edition

Transform monotone music theory lessons into dynamic educational experiences accented with major laughs, minor learning and an augmented love for music theory!


  • Major geeky fun with friends - For 2-4 players; Ages 10+; 30-60 minute playing time; 433+ hours of replayability
  • Get started with no treble at all - Easy to learn rulebook with instructive diagrams, including rules for easier game variants so beginners don't have to fret!
  • Trusted by musicians and board gamers - Struck a major chord at USD$ 232,323 raised on Kickstarter with over 4000 customers worldwide.


    What You Get:

    • Lord of the Chords Base Game, containing:
      • 60 Note Cards and 44 Action Cards (310gsm black core stock with linen finish), 20 Accidental Tokens (sharp on one side, flat on the other),12 Key Signature Tiles (major key on one side, relative minor on the other), 16 Tonality Indicator Guitar Picks, 13 Instrument Tiles, 1 Cloth Bag, 52-Page Full-Colour Rulebook
    • "Who Let the Chords Out" Expansion containing:
      • "What chord is that?" Advanced Chords Extension Pack
      • "Satie-sfaction guaranteed" Extra Composer Puns Extension Pack
      • "I'm not off-Key, I modulated" Modulation Extension Pack
      • "Yes, I really need another guitar" Instrument Essentials Extension Pack
      • "You just can't escape them" Conductor Cards Extension Pack
        • For a total of 52 cards that add 9 symphonies worth of extra gameplay
    • Beautiful Piano Box travel case that fits the whole game - brighten up your music studio!

    Don't take our word for it, hear from our customers! Here's music teacher and experimental composer, Jason Hodge! (More reviews below the FAQ section)

    Learn hours of music theory in minuets - with puns and lots of fun!


    Is there a way I can try out the game for free?

      • Yes! Easily schedule a 15 minute call with Jonathan, one of the game's designers, at https://calendly.com/jonofthechords

      • He'll explain the game to you, answer any of your questions, and you can even play a full game together!

    What about COVID-19?

      • Please stay at home and practice your instrument! In order to encourage you staying at home, we're offering 15% OFF with promo code STAYHOME

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    Do you have a music teacher's discount?

      • As a matter of fact, we do! Please email us at hello@lordofthechords.com with any documentation to prove it and we'll send you a massive 20% off discount code.

      • Without the good work that you do, we would never have created this game, nor would we have all this amazing music to listen to! Thank you for being a music teacher (:

    Do you have to know music to play this game?

      • No. Beethoven was a deaf musician, you can Handel it!
    (As seen on Facebook!)

      Can kids play this game?

        • To fully enjoy this game, we recommend it for kids aged 9 and above, because kids aged 8 and below tend to have a hard time waiting to take turns.
        • However, in the rulebook, there are instructions for a game mode called "Allegro Mode" that doesn't require any turn taking. Kids aged 7+ can enjoy this fast-paced game mode!

        Does the piano box make music?

          • No. It is a Beethoven Simulator.

        What are the 4 H cards and 4 A#/B cards? Are they typos?

          • No. They are for German players. Please remove them from the game before you start. Germans refer to B as H, and Bb as B. It's B-zarre! Rumour has it that Bach would write his name as notes in some of his compositions - A# A C B (which spells B A C H in German notation)

        Who was the coolest music celebrity we've met because of this game?

          • Meeting Igudesman and Joo, Jordan Rudess, Jacob Collier and Ray Chen was amazing, but the coolest of all had to be Marketa Dvorak. Yes, you heard me right! Dvorak, as in, Antonin Dvorak's great-great-granddaughter, Marketa Dvorak! She doesn't actually play music herself, but she told us stories of how Antonin would wake up at 3am every morning, write music at his desk (with no piano!) until his family woke up at 7am, then just enjoy the the rest of the day in nature of with family! Isn't that lovely?

        Watch The Cardboard Kid give an explanation and review!

        Watch 2 Music Teachers try LOTC at the Texas Music Educator's Association's annual convention!

        Watch one of our customers (Knut) play LOTC with his friends over wine and pizza!

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 59 reviews
          Loved it - thanks
          Well worth it
          Not for all musicians, not really for learning
          Youtube video
          Keeps you coming Bach for more!
          Unfortunate circumstances, but I'll still try jotting a review.
          A great educational game indeed!
          Brilliant game for musical theory nerds
          Love this game
          Loved it

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