Lord of the Chords Complete Edition

Lord of the Chords Complete Edition

The game Musicians love - The only music theory game that raised USD $ 232,323 on Kickstarter! The most funded Kickstarter board game from Singapore! 

Major Learning - Game mechanics use real music theory concepts up to ABRSM Grade 5. Great for picking up or reinforcing your music theory! Friendly to beginners, perfect for virtuosos! 

Hilariously Geeky and Punny - Filled to the bar with crazy puns like: Chord Block! More-zart! I'll Be Bach! Crazy musical references to great composers that only true musicians will understand. How many musical Easter eggs will you be able to find?

Quick Game Overview:

  1. Players take turns drawing 3 and playing 3 action/note cards.
  2. Play notes to form any chord in the active Key and win the key when you do.
  3. First player to win 3 keys win the game!

Lord of the Chords Base Game includes:

  • A beautiful Piano Box (a compact travel case perfect for game nights when you bring the game to your friend's house)
  • 60 Note Cards (with linen finish)
  • 44 Action Cards (you won't be able to Handel the puns)
  • 20 Accidental Tokens (hard plastic molded casino-style tokens)
  • 16 Tonality Indicator Guitar Picks (also useful for playing the guitar)
  • 1 Cloth Bag 
  • 12 Key Signature Tiles 
  • 13 Instrument Tiles 
  • 1 Rulebook (big, read-able font and diagrams for explanations!)
  • "Who Let the Chords Out" Extension Packs (for advanced players who have mastered the base game!)
    • 10 Style Cards
    • 42 Action Cards

We've worked hard to source out reliable and established manufacturers to ensure that our game components are of the highest quality. Our cards are made using 310gsm black core stock with a linen finish which helps to protect them from wear and tear.

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