[First Edition] "Who Let The Chords Out?!" Expansion Pack Bundle

[First Edition Bridge-sized cards]

The "Who Let The Chords Out?!" Expansion Pack Bundle contains all 5 Expansion Packs, adding 52 new cards to augment the base game with dozens of hours of additional gameplay.

"These expansion packs simultaneously make the most musical board game even more musical, and the most fun musical experience even more fun!"

  • Advanced Chords - Prepare to ask, "What chord is that?" with the Advanced Chords Pack's new game mechanic - Chord Extensions! Play crazy 9ths, 11ths and 13ths to spice up your chords and gain buffs to forte-fy your reign as the Lord of the Chords!
  • Composers - The best way to commemorate the greatest classical composers of all time? Pun-ify their names and crack jokes about their colorful pasts, Orff course! It's your Rachmanani-off day! Ravel in the Satie-sfaction of not needing to go Bach to work with puns that will make you go Paga-nani?!
  • Modulation - Crank complexity to the max with the Modulation Extension Pack's new game mechanic - cadences! Only true music theorists will be able to harness the power of the cadence and slay the composition! Those who lack practice will be exposed! All will be enlightened!
  • Essentials - The pack introduces an additional card type - the Equip! Aimed to inexpensively serve every musician's favorite past time - shopping for new music equipment! Equip them to your Instrument to augment your playstyle and diminish your foes!
  • Conductors - The pack introduces a new card type - Styles! In the same way a conductor influences the way every musician in the orchestra plays music (at least they hope so), Style cards influence the way every player plays the game! But unlike conductors, Style cards will never get angry when you're out of tune!

Requires the base game to be played. Included in Lord of the Chords: The Complete Edition. Each Pack contains 10-12 cards. 

Customer Reviews

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George Gadacy
Eager to try it

I've had the expansion for quite some time, but I haven't quite yet tried it out! It looks like a lot more fun to test my music theory that I've learned from college many years ago.

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