WHAT THE E# Reviews Episode 1: Music Educators REACT to Lord of the Chords

by Lord of the Chords LLP March 05, 2020

We met Nash and Ali at the Texas Music Educator's Association conference in Feb 2020. They sat down, watched a demo and even asked to play a game! 🥳 They gladly agreed to let us use the footage and even filmed a raving testimonial for us!🔥🔥🔥

In the video, they share their favorite cards, moments of game play 🥰 and their overall recommendations on who should get the game! Watch and enjoy! 😂

Comment your favorite moments and let us know what kind of videos you want to see next! If you enjoyed it, Pliszt share with your friends so that we can spread the Love of the Chords! 🎵🎵

When we first made Lord of the Chords, we designed it to be in the form of a board game because of TWO reasons:

1) Music theory can be very abstract. Putting the theory into the form of cards makes them more tactile so that people can really FEEL the Notes and not just see it as a concept in their minds. 🎹

2) A game is always fun which brings social interaction and competitiveness to the table! 🎲😎

Throughout the game, we could see Nash grasping and flicking the cards as he thought about what chords to make and which cards to take! 🤣Similarly, we could see that the game brought out Ali's competitive side and this made both of them engage in the game even more which then led to discussions about music theory and the intricacies of the game! 🤓

Lord of the Chords was born because we had a hard time learning music theory when we were younger, only to realize how useful it was when we moved on to more advanced forms of music 🎵.

We wanted to see if the rest of the world had found music theory as boring as we had thought, so we put the game up on Kickstarter. It blew up and we got more than $200K from over 3000+ people in more than 60 countries! 🥰

Just like Nash says, if you're into board games, music theory and puns, there's no Haydn from the fact that this is the game for you - time to put it on your Chopin Liszt! 🤪

Lord of the Chords LLP
Lord of the Chords LLP


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