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It's fun!

This is the second set I've purchased. I ordered one for my AP Theory class and one for myself. I was a little disappointed to find that the set for my school was holographic but my personal set came with matte cards.

Think twice about MyUS

I cant comment on the product because it is still yet to arrive in Australia. But I will say that shipping with MyUS was exhorbitant so I hope the game is good (and that it actually arrives!) Id siggest the company find a better way to ship your products to Australia.

All-In(tervals) Bundle: Base Game + Expansion + Interval Initiate + Tote Bach + Custom Sleeves [25% OFF]

StarBachs Coffee Mug
Rita Richards

This was a birthday present and the recipient is very happy with it.

The mug looks and feels great!

Augmented Bundle: Lord of the Chords + Expansion + Piano Box + Custom Sleeves + Tote Bach [15% OFF]
Donna McDougal
Good review of music theory

Lord of the chords is great to learn music theory and review music theory. Interval initiate is more advanced, but fun. Only complaint is that the keyboard box for the expansion does not move like a piano (it doesn't have to have sound, but can the keys move like a piano?).

Loving the intervals

Started playing interval initiate with my students. Not following the game play exactly and they are having tons of fun! I am finding the game play instructions to be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Lots of fun!

Although some of us have music experience, the others were able to play as well.

The game

I love it because it's different ♥️

Love the quirkyness of the sleeves.

Love the musical aspect of the game. Took me back to my high school years of studying music theory.

Great Educational Tool!

Great tool for learning more about the patterns in music.

Wild and wacky, but also a little tough to understand

It's possible if you're a math wiz you'll get this even with no musical background, but the concept of building and scoring points with musical triads is intriguing. The artwork is punny and raucous. I am unsure what the expansion packs bring to the game, but there are two ways to play the base game, and Allegro Mode became our favorite for its constant speed rounds and somewhat simpler rules.

Fun for musical family

I bought this for a family Christmas gift. We enjoyed playing it together, but it does take a while to fully understand how to play.

Amazing product

Thank you for made this game!! i'm very happy with my Game, it's an excellent artwork!! Thank you

Interval Initiate
Alejandra Flores
Great game!

I loved the game. It is made of high quality material, and it is fun to play.
We had some trouble to understand the gameplay, but we gradually picked it up. We played the easy version, and we will eventually learn to play the full version.
I would have liked to get more than one wheel (can I bought more separately?). None of us really know how to make the intervals and we all wanted to use the wheel… also, it would have been better if the interval cards colors matched with the ones in the wheel.

StarBachs Coffee Mug
Daniel Palmintier
Cup o’ Jo-hann

Love my new favorite cup! I’ll be Bach!

Excellent product and super speedy delivery.

I had a query about the product and postage and the staff at Lord of the Chords deal with my query in a fast, professional and friendly manner. Well done guys, another excellent product.


Ordered the Lord of the Chords: Bach for an Encore package and this was the first part to arrive.
Now...technically I ordered the package for my brother, who's a music student, but...I might just have to keep this mug for myself, haha.
(I mean...musical puns AND gently making fun of Starbucks...what is not to love?)
Customer service was top-notch also.
In short, get yourself one of these bad boys. Just the thing for when you need to WACHET AUF and smell the coffee (or other beverage of choice).

StarBachs Coffee Mug
Stacey Schuda

Hello Jonathan and team,

I wanted to thank you for creating this amazing Starbachs mug! It reached us just in time for St. Nikolaus Day (A pre-Christmas holiday we celebrate in Germany via the USA) This has officially become my son’s favorite mug. He is a BIG classical music aficionado. We can’t wait to finally be able to play Lord of the Chords!

Wishing you and your team a safe and beautiful holiday season.

[First Edition] "Who Let The Chords Out?!" Expansion Pack Bundle
George Gadacy
Eager to try it

I've had the expansion for quite some time, but I haven't quite yet tried it out! It looks like a lot more fun to test my music theory that I've learned from college many years ago.


An amazing game, had a lot of fun to play with my students!

Challenging, but in a good way.

I bought this for my daughter who is 8 but very advanced in school. It took some time to learn, but she loves it and I love how it is even expanding my musical theory knowledge. Not for you if you don’t want to be mentally challenged, but we LOVE it!

great concept

I'm glad that someone finally made a music-themed set-building game. My family is now learning music theory as easily as playing Gin Rummy. There are a few typos here and there, but that's common for a new game.