Based on 92 reviews
Eager to try it
Challenging, but in a good way.
great concept
Pun-tastic Game!
Fantastic Card Game, Fantastic Theory Tool
Fun for the whole family
Musical migration
it's a Tutti game!
Lord of the Chords
60% educational, 40% game = 100% fun
My Son Loves It
Lord of the Chords: The Complete Edition
Came as advertised
Fun and not just for musicians
Thank you Min Chun! I guess it gets even more competitive with a little bit of sibling rivalry thrown in!
Unique Fun Game!
Thank you music lover! We ran into lots of shipping trouble with the USPS delays and we're trying our best to ship an extra copy to all the affected customers. Thank you for your patience and graciousness
Amazingly fun!
Thank you Melissa! Shhhh secretly educational
Creative and Fun Game for the Musician in Your LIfe
Thank you Mary! ❤️ We're glad you appreciated the finer details of the game!
Thank you Odori! Wait till you all try the expansion cards!
Game Arrived
Thank you Chris! We appreciate your patience and graciousness with the USPS delays!
It finally arrived!!!
Thank you for the generous review and your patience Laura!
What a great game and a great company
Thank you for the graciousness and for giving us a chance to resolve the shipping issues Clarence! Thanks for the pun-nomenal review!
Best card game yet
Thank you for the generous review Amanda! It means a lot to us That's how we feel about the game ourselves and we're glad you feel the same way!
Great Service, Great Game!
Thank you for this heartening review Jake! The expansion packs will blow your mind, for sure! Let us know how it goes!

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