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Our Story

We are just 3 Musically-inclined(hence the theme), Engineering-trained(hence the box) and Game-addicted(hence the game) guys from Singapore(hence the asian parents forcing us to learn music). 

We had a horrible experience learning music theory when we were younger. We created this game because we want to transform that terrible experience into a terrific experience, and we believe we can - with your help!

From video filming to digital marketing to game design to publicity outreach, the three of us have been hard at work daily to chase our dreams. We've tried to do as much of it by ourselves as possible so that we can ensure that every part of this journey retains the style, humor and quality that we've promised with the game. 

Check out Jonathan's Medium Article for the detailed composition of our bach story, filled with lots of be-haydn-the-scenes action and accounts of our crazy sustained hustling.

We're constantly looking for ways to bring value to the music and music education community! Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/lordofthechord and Facebook facebook.com/lordofthechords and let us know how we can contribute!

If you’re into geeky Musical references and epic Composer puns, Pliszt gift yourself this Gustav! You'll never see music theory in the same tone ever again! We're Schubert that.

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