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Gameplay Summary

Watch a quick 2 minute demo!

Please click here to access the rulebook

Everyone gets 1 Accidental token and an instrument of their choice! Lay out the cards and begin immediately!

The last player to practice music goes first!

On your turn: Draw 3 cards and play 3 moves!

You may draw 3 cards from any of the 6 within the river! Playing a card on your field costs a move, but playing tokens cost no moves!

Play Action cards to augment the game!

Each Action card cost a move to play unless its a [Surprise] card. 7th Steals steal other's chords! Chopin Chops up Chords! Morezart draws 2 more cards!

Everyone follows the current active Key Signature!

The Key tells us what notes can be played and and what chords to form! Just like a any composition! 

Play notes in Key! Form any chord within the Key!

The first player to form a chord claims the Key and chooses the next Key!

The first player to win 3 Keys is the...

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