All-In(tervals) Bundle: Base Game + Expansion + Interval Initiate + Custom Sleeves [25% OFF]

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Amy Mullard
It's fun!

This is the second set I've purchased. I ordered one for my AP Theory class and one for myself. I was a little disappointed to find that the set for my school was holographic but my personal set came with matte cards.

Think twice about MyUS

I cant comment on the product because it is still yet to arrive in Australia. But I will say that shipping with MyUS was exhorbitant so I hope the game is good (and that it actually arrives!) Id siggest the company find a better way to ship your products to Australia.

Sabrina Zirakzadeh

All-In(tervals) Bundle: Base Game + Expansion + Interval Initiate + Tote Bach + Custom Sleeves [25% OFF]

Donna McDougal
Good review of music theory

Lord of the chords is great to learn music theory and review music theory. Interval initiate is more advanced, but fun. Only complaint is that the keyboard box for the expansion does not move like a piano (it doesn't have to have sound, but can the keys move like a piano?).

Nina Maxwell
Loving the intervals

Started playing interval initiate with my students. Not following the game play exactly and they are having tons of fun! I am finding the game play instructions to be a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Shelley N
Lots of fun!

Although some of us have music experience, the others were able to play as well.

Jessica Denault
The game

I love it because it's different ♥️

Jeanne Tidd
It's Great

Everything is great about it


Love the musical aspect of the game. Took me back to my high school years of studying music theory.

Great Educational Tool!

Great tool for learning more about the patterns in music.