by Jun Yu Phang April 05, 2019

1) Pledge Manager Survey Delay

Hey Bach-ers,

Some of you may have noticed that the pledge manager surveys didn't get sent out yesterday. Don't worry, it's no biggie! It's just because we didn't expect that the pledge manager we're working with expected payment for their services upfront, which we can't pay yet because Kickstarter hasn't sent the dollars you put in to move music education forward into our banks yet.

We went pretty crazy with this project, and basically put all our savings from the time we served in the army, money from internships and prize money from hackathons, into Lord of the Chords.

The good news is that Kickstarter just sent us an email yesterday saying they just approved the funds transfer, so they'll be in our company bank account in a few days, which allows us to move forward with sending out the pledge manager surveys. The latest that these will go out is next Wednesday, 10th April. 

2) Bigger Box Design Prototype

With all the stretch goals unlocked and new ideas that some of you gave us after launching our campaign here, we ended up being lots of changes we have to make. One of which is a bigger box to fit all the cool components (some of which are surprises, so we won't show them to you hee hee!). Here is a prototype that Keith made using a laser cutter and greyboard. The final product will look smoother as it'll be injection moulded, but we're expecting the size to be quite close to this:

Left: New Box Size. Right: Old Box
Left: New Box Size. Right: Old Box

3) Game Design

We're in the process of finalising the new card ideas for the Who Let The Chords Out?! expansion. The new composer pun cards keep making us chuckle whenever we get to draw and use them, so we're super excited for these to make you laugh too. We won't show them to you because we don't want to spoil the surprise, but we promise you some of these are really hilarious and fun to play!

On the side of more music theory-heavy ideas, we've found a way to work fortissimo, triplets and even ternary form, into the game, so prepare yourselves for some hardcore music geekiness!

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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