by Jun Yu Phang April 15, 2019

Pledge Manager Surveys have been out for a week!

Check your emails! Here are some things you should know that some people have had issues with:

1. Free 50 sleeves for everyone!

When you click into the pledge manager, you'll notice that we've already added 50 sleeves into your cart, which are free! To clarify how many additional sleeves you'll have to order:

  • Minor Edition: There are 96 cards in the Minor edition. As you have 50 free sleeves, you will only need to order one additional pack of 50 sleeves.
  • Major Package: There are 96 cards in the base game, 50 cards in the expansion pack and 52 cards in the note skins tuckbox. As you have 50 free sleeves, you will need to order 3 additional packs of 50 sleeves (or 150 sleeves).
  • Augmented Package: We will cover all sleeves for you!
  • Note Skins Tuckbox: There are 52 cards in a note skins tuckbox. 

For those who previously posted their share links in the comments of the Update itself, we initially missed your entries and didn't add it to your order. We've just added the additional 50 sleeves to everybody who's shared their link. If you didn't get 50 Sleeves titled [FB SHARE] in your order, please email us!

2. Shipping is discounted for Extras. If you want to order additional copies of the game, get it as an Extra because shipping costs are discounted that way!

3. Shipping rates are slightly different for certain countries, because the weights have increased as a result of the component upgrades 

These are the new rates:

4. 3 New Instruments will be Flute, Saxophone and Gong!

5. Augmented personalization of cards will be sent in a separate update to Augmented backers.

We're asking for a whole bunch of things, like what you would like to have said on the cards, what photos you want, what instrument you want featured etc. so be prepared for that!

6. Kickbooster Commissions

For those of you who've helped us through Kickbooster, we've just paid our Kickbooster Invoice. Kickbooster typically processes payments on the 1st and 15th of the month and will transfer your commissions to you on the next available date.

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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