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Update #14: [AUGMENTED BACKERS ONLY] Details for your Personalised Namecards!

by Jun Yu Phang June 17, 2019

Harmonious Hellos! 

This is a special update for all our Augmented backers!

In order to help us design your super-special-amazing-exclusive LOTC namecards, please fill up this Google form! The form has instructions on where to upload photos and what kind of details we'll need. The earlier you fill it up, the more time we can spend on it!

There's also an option in the form to schedule a 15 minute Skype call with us (if you want to) so we look forward to seeing you!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email us at hello@lordofthechords.com!

Thank you!

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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