by Jun Yu Phang June 25, 2019

Harmonious Hellos,

Unfortunately, this update would have to begin with Discordant Hellos rather than Harmonious Hellos, as we have bad news for you.

This only affects backers who ordered German/Spanish copies of the game. This message has already been sent to affected backers via email, but we're posting it as an update to be transparent to all backers, and to make sure the affected backers don't miss the message!

We will no longer be able to offer officially printed Spanish and German translations of Lord of the Chords.

What went wrong?

We Bach'ed up! We underestimated the costs of translations and of printing translated copies at low order quantities. After consulting with our manufacturing partner, we discovered that our previous calculations were unfeasible. It is prohibitively expensive for us to offer Spanish and German translations of our game.

What about the money I paid?

We understand how frustrating this can be, as we’ve been on the receiving end of other Kickstarter campaigns with hiccups. We really treasure your support, so don’t worry, we are going to make up for it!

Here are your 2 options:

  1.  (Default option) 50% Refund + Get the English version instead
    By default, you will get:
          1. 50% of your order value refunded back to you, and
          2. an English copy of the game. (There will be translations online)
  2.  (Option 2) 100% Refund + Cancel your order
    If you are really very frustrated with the situation and would just like to get your money back, we understand, and have provided this option.
    By choosing Option 2, you will get:
          1. 100% refund on your order total

           2. Your order will be cancelled so it will be as though our campaign never happened to you

[ACTION REQUIRED HERE] What we need from you:

  1. Please email with your paypal email address so that we can refund you the relevant amount depending on your Option.
  2.  Please also add in your email “OPTION 2” if you would like to opt-out of the default option 1, which is the “50% refund + english version” offer, which means you will opt-in to option 2, the “100% refund + cancel order” offer

Example 1: "Dear Jon of the Chords,

I am happy with the default. My paypal email address is"


Example 2: "Dear Jon of the Chords,

I would like OPTION 2. My paypal email address is"

PS: Your support matters to us whether or not we got your money! Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. You have surely helped us to improve music education for all learners of music. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm for Lord of the Chords.

Launching Spanish and German versions of Lord of the Chords is still part of our future plans a few years down the road, especially if it’s clear to us that there is a big demand for our game. If any of you can point us to people we can collaborate with to make it happen more quickly and with less risk, please let us know. THANK YOU!

- Jon, Jun Yu and Keith

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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