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Update #2: 200% FUN-ded in just 4 hours! Stretch goals and Cashback Referral Programme Unlocked!!!

by Jun Yu Phang February 13, 2019

Because we reached TWO hundred percent funded, we've got TWO awesome announcements for you beautiful people! (Thanks for making Jonathan's birthday awesome!!! (Why is he writing in third person? He's writing this!) Anyway,

1) Stretch goal reached: all major package bachers will get a notes skin design in an additional tuck box ON TOP of their piano notes set. That means that Major package bachers get the base game, the who let the chords out extension packs, and an additional notes skin tuck box containing 52 cards in the instrument design of their choice.

The notes skin upgrades also perfectly serve as a fully functional poker deck!

4 suits = 4 time durations: quaver, crotchet, dotted crotchet and minim.

13 Cards from ace to king = 12 notes + 1 perfect pitch(wild card)

(: there’ll be more instrument designs as we hit higher stretch goals, and depending on demand

2) CASHBACH REFERRAL PROGRAMME! We know you guys and girls have been sharing Lord of the Chords with your band/ensemble/choir/duet/triplet/quartet/twoset/muppet mates, so to celebrate 200% funded, we're making sharing doubly awesome!!

Simply click this link: https://lotc.kickbooster.me/boost 

Follow the instructions to get a whopping 15% commision on every dollar pledged to this campaign through your special affiliate marketing link! (Bachers who bach after the first 48 hours, will only receive a 10% commission link.) Only for early bachers! Just one friend baching through your link means you'll get $7.50 cashbach. 2 friends baching through the link means you've pretty much gotten free shipping! So share share share away!This Beach is the best

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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