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Update #3: 433% FUNDED! Okay actually 490% funded now but we're late on announcing it because we were...

by Jun Yu Phang February 16, 2019

Because we were busy PRACTICING!

Yes, that's right! We were busy rehearsing to present you our 433% silly stretch goal - our interpretation of 4'33" for 6 hands. Enjoy:


On a more serious note, here are some actual updates and reminders:

  • Violin Note Skins have been unlocked! None of the designs are final, so criticise away, as we keep improve the designs (:
  • Early Bird rewards have completely DIMINISHED! FRET not! It's not too late, with the Not-Too-Late Bird rewards! Tell your hesitating friends!
  • Speaking of hesitating friends, get them to DECIIIIIIDEEEE with our super referral programme! Link here: https://lotc.kickbooster.me/boost

How does the referral programme work? Simply click the link to follow the instructions. Kidding, my music theory teacher taught me like that, that's why I hated it so much.

Step 1) Sign up to be a booster

Step 2) Generate your referral link

Step 2) Share the link with your friends directly, on Facebook groups, by sliding into their Instagram DMs, or on Twitter!

When people click your link and pledge to aid the Lord of the Chords, you get 10% cashback on their pledge amount! What that means for you, for example, is that if you pledged for the Major Package, and 5 of your teacher-colleagues also back for the Major Package through your links, you would essentially be getting 50% off of your own Major Package pledge! 

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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