by Jun Yu Phang February 22, 2019

You guys got on the hype train early!

  • We recently got featured in The Strad! In the March Issue's New Products section (albeit not super prominently, but still counts... right? Right?!? Ahem.) It's already out! (Even though it's still February. Us musical people are strange.) 

  •  Kirsten Long, a singer-songwriter-music-educator (sounds a lot like you guys!) Put up a 20 minute gameplay video on her youtube channel. (they cut out the parts where players were thinking. There's a lot of thinking in this game). Her music is amazing too. The first 10 people to comment the correct reason why the Gu Zheng is such a special instrument in Lord of the Chords also get their Kickbooster commission boosted up to 15%! 

  •  Ferdinand, a composer and board game reviewer who runs Cardboard Stacker did his first Game Designer Interview with Jonathan. (That's me, it's Jonathan writing this. Harmonious Hellos!) We talk about our favourite music, games, and why truly musical yet fun games like Lord of the Chords haven't really surfaced yet. 



Stuff we've been doing:

Keith has been working on some prototypes for the quaver lance for the Augmented Package folks:


Jun Yu has gotten confirmation with our shipping partners that we can offer 50% off of shipping for folks who pledge for 4 or more units! More info in our FAQ. He has also been getting confirmation for prices for stretch goals and manufacturing so that there will be fewer hiccups when it's fulfilment time!


Jon has been working on marketing stuff.

Not an exploding kitten
Not an exploding kitten

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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