by Jun Yu Phang March 11, 2019

1000% Funded!

Here's a special video from Jonathan to thank you guys for being the Prelude to our journey :)

That's right! We can actually play music!

We'll keep this update short and sweet:

Feel free to edit, add your own translations or comment. If you have questions, either drop a comment in the sheet or email us.This translation sheet will help us move forwards in terms of making decisions about translations and also help other backers who might not have gotten the game in their native language and would find it useful to refer to.

  • 2) We've increased the size of the box to accommodate sleeved cards!

Yay! Now the question is whether or not we should do custom LOTC sleeves? (Comment and tell us if you want it!)


For those of you who know TwoSetViolin and Ray Chen, we're just the same as you. We're loyal LingLings who've been watching their videos and practicing 40 hours a day at the same time. It would be amazing if we could play Lord of the Chords with them in a video!

Ray will be in Singapore to perform on 15th March, so we might be able to play Lord of the Chords with him on the days that he's here early! But we need your help to get his attention!

So please comment "Please play Lord of the Chords! @lordofthechord" on Ray's, Brett's and Eddy's Instagram posts! 

Here is Ray's Instagram Page:

Spam away!


Jon, Jun Yu and Keith

PS: Also, we've changed the previous stretch goal achievement to unlocking three instrument cards instead of an extra Note Skin.

Printing an extra Note Skin at a low quantity is prohibitively expensive for us and I think you would rather we use the budget to upgrade game components instead. That's why we'll be giving everyone three extra Instruments! Future stretch goals with even more exciting material updates to the tokens, cards and boxes will be coming so let's all work together to make it happen!!

Jun Yu Phang
Jun Yu Phang


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